There is no better place than Shoot Zone to get your shots up

Getting better at shooting is all about repetition and hard work. The more you shoot the better shooter you become. 

Putting up hundreds of shots by yourself and then having to get your own rebounds is hard work. Shoot Zone has 4 shooting bays dedicated to shooters just like you with our elite shooting rebound machines meaning you don’t have to chase after the ball shot after shot. The key to becoming the best shooter is building muscle memory and shooting under game like conditions. When you’re tired and your heart rate is up thats the best conditions for improvement. 

Shooting at Shootzone

Shooting Bay hire

Just you and a hoop. Practice shooting on one of our 24 shooting bays. Up to four players allowed to participate at one time for 1 bay.

$12.50 per hour, per person. Pay at Reception upon arrival

Bring 4 or more in your group and pay $8 per person for the hour.

Rebound Machine

The ultimate shooting training solution, our rebound machines help you to take more shots and assess and perfect your form. You’ll start seeing improvement with every practice.

Currently in transit. Stay tuned for their arrival.

Shot Doctor

The Shot Doctor tracks the arc of a shot and creates scatter plots of where the ball lands. An off-center grouping suggests that a player needs to make a small adjustment.

You will get rapid, objective feedback that will help you make changes efficiently.

This technology comes from a sharpshooter that competed in international events, he would lie prone with his rifle next to a monitor that relayed precise information about where on a target his previous shot had hit. This allowed him to make immediate adjustments before pulling the trigger again.

He was also basketball fanatic who used to wake up at 3 a.m. to watch NBA games on TV.

The Shot Doctor harnesses a real sense depth camera for 3D imagery. This technology is now in use by seven NBA teams, including the Indiana Pacers and Philadelphia 76ers.

Get the report sent to your phone immediately and find the flaws in practice to go back to practice.

Currently in transit. Stay tuned for their arrival.